Intruder burglar alarms

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Can I make a complaint about car or burglar alarms?

Alarms can give rise to serious noise nuisance due to faulty settings or false alarms and may be considered a statutory nuisance and can be investigated by the council.

If the alarm is sounding continuously or intermittently and deemed to be a statutory noise nuisance and the owner or Keyholder cannot be contacted within a reasonable period of time, we have no option but to take formal action.

Our investigation will involve assessing whether a statutory nuisance exists, by visiting the location to hear the alarm sounding. If appropriate we serve a Noise Abatement Notice and if the alarm is not silenced within an hour then we can employ a contractor to silence the alarm. All costs incurred are recharged to the owner of the vehicle or premise.

Remember a sounding alarm with no-one paying attention to it is a beacon to any would-be burglars that the property is unoccupied.

How can the problem be reduced?

If you are bothered by an alarm, you should contact the Police in the first instance on 101. The property may be being burgled and the Police are the appropriate body to deal with this.

The potential for problems can be prevented by:

Property alarms

  • Householders/managers should supply the Police with details of key holders who can silence the alarm within twenty minutes
  • Ensure the alarm is installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  • Service the alarm regularly
  • Ensure that key holders know how to enter the property to silence the alarm
  • Ensure that the alarm has a cut-out device that only allows it to sound for no more than 20 minutes. This may change to a flashing light to indicate a tripped condition.

Keyholders details and any changes to these details can be notified to the Council by using an Alarm Registration Form form.

Car alarms

  • Install the alarm fully in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  • Service the alarm regularly
  • Adjust the sensitivity appropriately
  • Ensure that the sunroof and windows are closed when the alarm is activated
  • Ensure that, where possible, the alarms cut-out device limits the time that the alarm sounds and prevents it from repeatedly re-triggering
  • Ensure the DVLA has up to date registered keeper information that may enable the person responsible for the vehicle to be contacted before formal action is considered necessary.

How do I make a complaint?

If you feel the problem may be classed as a statutory nuisance, have spoken to the person whose alarm is causing the noise (or are unable to do so or do not feel you are able to) and the noise continues, please contact us with the details.