Light pollution

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Can I make a complaint about lights causing me a problem?

Badly positioned and/or adjusted lights, particularly security lights, can irritate and disturb neighbours.

Light may be considered a statutory nuisance and can be investigated by the council.

However, there are several exemptions (sub-section 5B, including railway premises, bus stations or goods vehicle operating centre) where light from certain sources cannot be considered a nuisance.

Similarly street lights cannot be statutory nuisance, as the source has to be on a property.

How can the problem be reduced or prevented?

Light pollution can be reduced by

  • Adjusting the beam of lights so that it does not shine onto other properties
  • Adjusting the sensor so that it only picks up visitors to the property
  • Choosing an appropriate wattage of bulb

View our leaflet Security Lights on minimising light disturbance.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have spoken to the person whose lights are causing you a problem and the problem has not reduced and you feel the problem may be considered a statutory nuisance contact us with the details.