Private Distribution System

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Private Distribution Systems (PDSs) or Regulation 8 supplies were first introduced in the 2009 Private Water Supplies Regulations which superseded the 1991 Private Water Supplies Regulations.

A PDS exists where water is supplied by a water undertaker or licensed water supplier and is then further distributed by a person other than a water undertaker or licensed water supplier.

A regulation 8 supply tends to arise when a parcel of land on an estate (or some other similar large site such as a school, factory or hospital) is sold and the water supply continues to be provided by the estate because the new owner has not arranged for a separate public mains water supply connection.

The 2018 'Information Note on Regulation 8' from the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) further clarified the term Private Distribution Systems.

Risk Assessments of PDS must be completed at least once every 5 years. The risk assessment will inform what monitoring is required. Local Authorities are allowed to charge for risk assessments .