Food & Safety Team Enforcement Plans

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The environmental health teams must set out their enforcement policy and service plan to show how they will work with business across the borough.

Environmental Health Enforcement Policy

This policy sets out what businesses and individuals can expect from the Council's enforcement officers and the general principles we intend to follow in relation to enforcement. We will monitor its implementation and effectiveness and, where necessary, make changes.

Food & Safety Service Plan

The Council recognises the important role it plays in securing the safety of food consumed in the Borough and the health and safety of employees. The Food and Safety Service Plan demonstrates how the Council will fulfill its statutory obligations and duties, and includes:

  • The Council's aim and objectives;
  • Information about the food and safety enforcement services provided by the Council;
  • Details of the Council's performance management systems;
  • Information on the performance of the Food and Safety Team.
  • Planned inspection programme;
  • Performance targets and how they will be achieved;
  • A review of performance.

This plan will run for a four year period (2017 - 2020) and will be reviewed annually.

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