Responsible dog ownership

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All dog owners should take steps to make sure their dog is safe, well looked after and not a nuisance to other people or animals.

Collars and Tags

A dog must wear a collar and a tag when in a public place. The minimum information on the tag required by law is the name and address of the owner, but adding a phone number is also recommended.


It is strongly recommended that you have your dog micro-chipped. The process only takes a few moments and is no more painful than a vaccination at the vets. The micro-chip contains a unique number that corresponds with the dog's address and owners' contact details. The details are stored on a national database. All dogs picked up as a stray are scanned for a micro-chip. If chipped, the dog's details are then retrieved from the database allowing the dog to be returned to its owner.

You can have your dog microchipped by your vet. Our Dog Warden also offers a micro-chipping service at a cost of £15 per dog.

If you already have your dog micro-chipped and are registered with Petlog, but have since moved or changed your contact details, Petlog are offering a free update service during the month of June.

Get more information about microchipping with the online form.