Food poisoning

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The types of complaint we investigate are:

  • Complaints about food which has been purchased from premises in the Borough, for example, foreign bodies in food or food which may have caused you some illness;
  • Complaints about the conditions within food premises.

Matters relating to labelling are dealt with by Trading Standards. They can be contacted by telephone on 03000 412 000.

What to Do With the Food

  • Keep the food, any packaging and the receipt;
  • Leave any foreign body undisturbed - do not wash it;
  • Follow the storage conditions printed on the packaging until you speak to us. If there are no instructions, try to keep the food under similar conditions to those in the shop at the time of purchase.

How to Make a Complaint

It is important to contact the Food and Safety Team as soon as possible.

You can bring the food to our reception at any time the offices are open 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

What We Need to Know

  • What you think is wrong with the food;
  • Where and when the food was purchased/eaten;
  • What happened to the food after it was purchased;
  • Details of any injury sustained or symptoms suffered (you may be asked to visit your doctor).

What Happens Next

We'll contact the premises that sold the food and usually visit the premises concerned. In cases where the food is produced outside the Borough, we may talk to the council for that area. The food may be sent to the laboratory for scientific testing.

We will try and determine the source of your complaint and the reasons why it occurred. When the investigation is complete (this may take weeks), we will decide on the appropriate course of action and notify you accordingly.

In certain circumstances, a detailed investigation might not be needed. In this case, the problem would be looked into by the manufacturer who will be given the food to carry out their own investigation.

We cannot get involved in issues relating to compensation.