Commercial waste and recycling

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As a Waste Collection Authority, the council is under a duty to collect commercial waste when requested. However, as this is not a routine service we recommend businesses contact a waste collector directly. The companies listed in the Yellow Pages under 'Waste Disposal' and "Recycling" will be able to discuss your requirements.

You may also find assistance from the links at the bottom of this page. Once engaged, your contractor should leave you with a copy of a "Trade Waste Agreement", giving details of the collection arrangements which will hopefully involve a recycling element.

Business rates paid to the borough council do not cover waste disposal and recycling services. Business rates are calculated on the area occupied by the business and not on the amount of waste produced. The recycling sites provided by the council are for domestic waste only, not trade or commercial waste. Enforcement action may be taken against any business found to be using the sites or dumping waste at them.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (sec. 34) places a duty of care on businesses, companies and other organisations who produce waste to be responsible for the safe disposal or recycling of their waste.

Organisations must:

  • Ensure that the waste they produce is suitably contained while awaiting collection, ensuring it does not get blown away causing litter.
  • Ensure that the waste they produce is collected by a registered waste carrier and disposed of at a licensed site (you can check if a collection company is registered or a disposal site is licensed with the Environment Agency by telephoning 0845 933 3111). This system of licensing is designed to prevent waste being fly tipped in areas such as country lay-bys.

Further Information

For further information on reducing or recycling your organisation's waste you may wish to contact one of the following organisations. - Business and commercial waste guide

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