Voluntary and community sector

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The voluntary and community sector play a vital role in our local community, helping vulnerable people, providing information and support, fundraising and campaigning on a wide variety of issues. The work of the voluntary and community sector contributes enormously to the quality of life people enjoy in the area.

In recognition of the valuable work carried out in Tonbridge and Malling, the Council is keen to improve partnership working with the sector. We award grants to voluntary and community groups and have signed up to the Kent Partners Compact.
Find out more about the Kent Partners Compact.

If you are interested in volunteering you can contact Voluntary Action Within Kent (VAWK) to find out more about voluntary organisations, or for more support, visit the website of Voluntary Action Within Kent.

Find out more about Business Support and Funding for Social Enterprise

Kent County Council External Funding have produced four factsheets to help organisations in applying for grants.

Factsheet 1 - Project Planning
Factsheet 2 - Example of an Application Form
Factsheet 3 - Bid Writing
Factsheet 4 - Preparing a Budget

There is also Kent4Communities, an online database of funding opportunities around the UK as well as information pertinent to Kent. Registration and usage is free.