Parish councillor vacancies

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The Borough of Tonbridge & Malling contains a number of Parish and Town councils. Each of these has between two and thirteen councillors.

Parish and Town Councillors are normally elected every four years. However, there are occasions when a Councillor leaves their position between these scheduled elections – for example if they move away, or if they resign. When this happens, the Parish or Town Council must formally advertise the vacancy that is created. We also publish the information, and a list of current vacancies is shown below.

From the date that the notice is published by the Parish Council, there is a period of 14 working days in which residents could request that there is an election to fill the vacancy. Anyone who is registered to vote in local government elections within the parish or town council area where there is a vacancy may submit a request in writing to the Returning Officer, asking that an election be held. The Returning Officer must receive signatures from ten such electors before the deadline. If this happens, a by-election will be held. If there are less than ten valid requests, there will not be an election and the Parish or Town Council will be able to appoint a new Councillor through 'co-option'.

Any Councillor elected through a by-election, or co-opted to the Council, may remain in post until the next scheduled elections.

Requests for an election to be held must be sent, in writing, to:

Ms Julie Beilby
The Returning Officer
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
Gibson Building
Gibson Drive
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4LZ

For further information, contact


There are currently no outstanding vacancies. All current vacancies are either awaiting an election, or will be filled by the parish council through the co-option process.