Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

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Review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations 2018/19

The 2018 polling district review has been completed and the final list of polling stations agreed by Council and all amendments made.

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the Council has a duty to divide the borough into polling districts and to designate a polling place for each district. It also has to keep these arrangements under review.

The current review has to be completed between 1 October 2018 and 31 January 2020. We wish to complete the review in time for the May 2019 Borough and Parish Elections.

The Timetable for the Review

9 October 2018

Publication of the Notice of Review on our website and at council offices and the start of the Review consultation. View our list of current polling stations and Initial Proposals.

21 December 2018

The closing date for representations to the polling district review consultation.

January 2019

Polling district review consultation responses considered, visits made and proposals prepared for consideration by the General Purposes Committee

28 January 2019

Consideration of proposed revised arrangements by the General Purposes Committee

19 February 2019

Council agrees final scheme and any changes are implemented.

1 March 2019

Publication of the final arrangements on our website and at the council offices.

What is a Review

Pursuant of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, a compulsory review of all polling districts, places and stations has to be undertaken every 5 years. The last one was completed during 2013/14. There is an obligation for the Council to ensure that the polling districts, places and stations are suitable for all electors, both in position and access. The review considers the numbers of electors in each polling district, the position of the polling place/s in the polling district and that the polling stations offer reasonable facilities for voting and are able to be accessed by all electors, including those that are disabled.


A polling district is a geographical sub-division of an electoral area, i.e. a UK Parliamentary constituency, a European Parliamentary electoral region, a ward or an electoral division. It is the responsibility of the Borough Council to divide its area into polling districts, and for keeping the polling districts under review.

A polling place is a geographical area in which a polling station is located. However, as there is no legal definition of what a polling place is, the geographical area could be defined as tightly as a particular building or as widely as the entire polling district. It is the responsibility of the Borough Council to designate the polling places, and for keeping the polling places under review.

A polling station is the actual area where the process of voting takes place, and must be located within the polling place designated for the particular polling district. The Returning Officer for the particular election must provide a sufficient number of polling stations, and allot the electors to those polling stations in such manner as he or she thinks the most convenient.