Community Governance Reviews

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What are community governance reviews?

A Community Governance Review is an opportunity for local authorities to consult with local people and organisations and make changes to community governance if necessary.

Why undertake these reviews?

These reviews are usually undertaken in response to issues such as changes in population or significant housing developments. In reviewing such issues it is intended that local governance will continue to be effective and convenient and will reflect the identities and interests of local communities.

The government has emphasised that recommendations made in these reviews should bring about improved community engagement, more cohesive communities, better local democracy and result in more effective and convenient delivery of local services.

Who undertakes community governance reviews?

As the principal authority, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council are responsible for undertaking any CGR within its electoral area.

Completed Reviews

2009 - Whole Borough

We completed a full Community Governance Review in 2009, having considered parish electoral arrangements in all parishes across the borough. You can view the TMBC Community Governance Order 2009 and associated map online.

2013 - Ryarsh and Leybourne

We completed a Community Governance Review concerning Ryarsh and Leybourne in 2013. You can view the final recommendations and the TMBC Community Governance Order 2013 online.

2016 - Kings Hill, East Malling & Larkfield, and Wateringbury

We completed a Community Governance Review of parish electoral arrangements regarding Kings Hill parish, and the boundaries with East Malling & Larkfield parish, and with Wateringbury parish. You can view the TMBC Community Governance Order 2017, associated map and Statement of Reasons online.

The change means that the boundary between Kings Hill and East Malling & Larkfield parish will be amended. The area marked A1 on the map will become part of Kings Hill parish, moving from East Malling & Larkfield. There will be consequential changes to the Borough ward and County electoral divisions, so the boundaries for parish, Borough and county councils are all coterminous (all follow the same line). The changes took effect prior to the May 2019 elections for the parish and Borough ward changes, and 2021 for the county council electoral division changes.