Annual Canvass

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Annual Canvass

**NOTE** The online response web address has been printed incorrectly on the front of the Household Enquiry Form. It reads '' it should be The QR code does take you to the correct website, it is just written incorrectly above the QR code. Sincere apologies for this error.

It is a statutory requirement for the Electoral Registration Officer to undertake an Annual Canvass of all Households every year to check that all residents are registered on the Electoral role. This happens between July and November with a new updated register being produced on 1st December. It is a statutory requirement for every household to respond to the forms giving us the details of all adults over the age of 16 that are residing at the address. By law we have to try a minimum of 3 times to get a response, the 3rd time in person by one of our Voter Registration Officers. Please respond promptly to stop further reminders being sent and using council money that could be used for other important services.

Household Enquiry Forms (annual electoral registration check forms) are being sent this week 22 July 2019 to every household across the borough. Please can you complete your Household Enquiry Form online at even if there are no changes. You can also respond via text or telephone if there are no changes. If you respond via one of these online methods you do not need to return the paper form. Only return the form via the post, using the prepaid envelope provided, if you are unable to access the other methods.

New electors

If you have added the name of someone who is now living at your address, to the Household Enquiry form, they must now complete the registration process. You can do this online at The form must be completed by each new elector individually. A paper copy of the form will be sent automatically to you, if we do not receive an online application. However, it is quicker and easier to apply online. You will need your National Insurance number to hand when you register.

The Open Register

If you wish to opt out of the open register, or into the open register, please complete the form at