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Routine letters

We send out a lot of letters and forms every month. These are to help you register to vote, to check information, and to keep you informed about what we are doing. If you have received a letter from us and are not sure what you need to do, please email and we will be happy to help. Please note that many of the letters and forms we send out are set out in law, and we have to send them in the way we have even if this means you receive several letters from us in quick succession.

If a letter arrives at your address to someone who does not live there, please visit to tell us. Please also return any post we send to that person (mark the envelope 'not at this address' and put it back in the post box). We will then be able to review that person's entitlement to be on the register of electors. This may take several weeks, and you may receive more letters addressed to them from us in the meantime.