Council budgets

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We prepare a detailed budget of the costs of running the Council every year. The budget is very complex; we take into account long term finances, running costs, investments, capital projects and changes to government policy. The budget is an important step in calculating the council tax bills.

Current budget

The summary budget is a short document showing how the budget affects the council tax charge. It highlights income and expenditure by service area, the source and distribution of funds and the programme of capital investments.

Download the summary budget in pdf file format

The current budget is for the year ending 31 March 2022. It was agreed by a full meeting of the Council held on 23 February 2021. It includes the Budget Statement which introduces and explains the context for the budget, the Medium Term Financial Strategy which shows financial projections beyond the current budget year and the Savings and Transformation Strategy.

Download the Budget for 2021-22

The Capital strategy documents the principles that underpin the Council's longer-term capital expenditure plans and provides context for the programme of investments listed in the budget.

Download the Capital Strategy

Income from investments provides a significant source of revenue for the Council. The Treasury Management and Investment Strategy statement governs our approach to investments.

Download the Treasury Management and Investment Strategy

Historic budgets

Budgets for previous years are available for download.

Contact Financial Services

Contact Financial services if you require a budget book not listed.

Phone : 01732 876095
SMS text message : 07781 482959.