Fraud Investigations

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What is Fraud?

Fraud is an act of deception intended for personal gain or to cause a loss to another party. This criminal activity involves deceiving authorities by making false representations, failing to disclose information or abusing their position.

Effects of Fraud

Fraud means that money is diverted from Council Services and will result in a cut in services or increased costs to the Council Tax payer in order to maintain services.

Stopping Fraud

The Council works closely with other Government bodies and will take part it a number of data matching exercises. Where this takes place these will be undertaken in accordance with the Council Data Matching Code of Practice and the Code of Practice of the relevant body. It is in everybody's interest to help stamp out fraud as it costs all of us money. You can help us to fight fraud by reporting your concerns to us. In order to stop fraud we must have sufficient evidence to be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt in a Court that fraud has taken place. The more information that we are given then the more likely a successful outcome will be. However, due to Data Protection we are unable to give feedback on any cases reported to us. What we will do is look at every referral made to us and will carry out an initial assessment of the cases reported to us.

If the fraud relates to another Government section such as the Department for Work and Pensions then we will ensure that the information is reported to the correct authority. Where the fraud relates to a Council service then we will assess the level of evidence that we have, identify what additional evidence we can obtain and will take steps to stop the fraud and progress a sanction where there is sufficient evidence to do so. Where you are supplying any information to the Council in respect of suspected fraud you must not put yourself in a position of danger to do so. As far as possible all information given will be treated in confidence.

Reporting Fraud

The Council may be subjected to a number of frauds from different sources. In order for us to progress any concerns raised there is a separate page for the types of fraud we may encounter that give a description of the fraud and provide guidance on how to complete a form to report the fraud. These can be accessed by the following links: -