Community Right to Bid

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The Community Right to Bid has been introduced as part of the Government's Localism Act and has recently come into force.

It gives town/parish councils and local community groups the opportunity to nominate a local site or building to be included on a register of 'assets of community value'. The Borough Council has to assess all nominations received and decide whether the asset suggested for nomination meets the criteria as set out by the Government.

In summary, the key tests which have to be applied are limited to the following:

- is the actual current use of the building/land one which furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community?

- if so, is it realistic to think that either this use or another of community value will continue in the future?

- if the use of social value has ceased, has this furthered social value in the recent past (eg 2/3 years) and is it realistic to think that it will do so again during the next five years?

It should be noted that the inclusion of the asset on the register does not provide a right for a parish/town council or community group to acquire the property. However, should the landowner wish to dispose of an asset included on the register, a request can be made by the body proposing the nomination that a delay of its disposal of up to six months should be imposed to allow time for that group to consider whether it is able to raise funding and purchase the asset itself.

The current list of Assets of Community Value nominated and accepted can be viewed via this link.

The current list of Assets of Community Value nominated but not accepted can be viewed via this link.

Download a full copy of the Government's Advice Note about the Community Right to Bid.

A Guidance Note prepared by the Borough Council about the Right to Bid, how to nominate a local asset, and the process the Borough Council must then follow has been prepared. If you are considering making a nomination, please read these guidance notes carefully as incomplete nominations cannot be processed.

Online nomination

Fill in the online nomination form to nominate an asset. Please use a separate form for each asset to be nominated and provide as much information as you can about the asset. Any further enquiries about the process can be emailed to

Successful nominations are included on the Borough's List of Assets of Community Value.