Email purchase orders

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Suppliers to the Council can choose to have Council purchase orders sent by email rather than post.

Email orders are sent as soon as they're created so suppliers may receive them up to three days sooner than orders sent by post.

The Council considers email purchase orders to be more efficient than paper orders and recommends suppliers choose to receive them.

The email purchase orders are adobe-pdf files sent as an email attachments.

Download an example purchase order

If you would like to receive Council purchase orders by email, then send an email to and include the following information.

  • Your business name

  • Your supplier code or postal address

Your supplier code is printed on existing paper purchase orders and remittance advice notes. If you cannot find your supplier code then provide your full business address instead.

  • An email address

We will send your purchase orders to this email address.
For this purpose, we recommend the use of a generic email address such as: rather than a personal email address because it is less likely to require updating.

XML Purchase Orders

In the future, XML purchase orders conforming to the BASDA standard may be available.

If you are interested in working with the Council to accept XML purchase orders, contact us at