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If you either own or you are in charge of a pleasure boat/vessel that is to be let out for hire to members of the public or to be used for carrying fare paying passengers you must obtain a licence from the Local Authority. In addition to this the pleasure boats/vessels also have to be licensed.

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  • Must be over 18 years of age.
  • Must have a full knowledge of all statutory rules, regulations and byelaws applicable to navigation on the water or waters for which the licence is required.
  • Must not suffer from any disease or physical disability which could affect his or her fitness to assist in the charge of pleasure boats, vessels or craft let for hire. (Applicants are asked to complete a declaration as to their fitness). Matters to be considered are any limb defect which restricts mobility or movement, epilepsy, fainting or cardio vesicular problems and mental illness.
  • Must obtain an enhanced CRB disclosure.
  • Must produce a valid insurance to cover third party liability in respect of the boats/vessels operated.


  • Each boat/vessel must be marked with the name of the licence holder and also the number of persons which it is licensed to carry, in the form "Licensed to carry .. persons." in letters and figures not less than one inch in height and three-quarters of an inch in breadth, on a conspicuous part of the said boat or vessel.
  • No boat/vessel to exceed the number of passengers entitled by the licence.
  • Each boat/vessel has to pass a survey by an authorized inspector appointed by the Council prior to being licensed.
  • Must be covered by a valid insurance policy to cover third party liability in respect of the boats/vessels.

Environment Agency River Medway registration Vessels operating on the river Medway need to be registered with the Environment Agency

Inland Waters Small Passenger Boat Code Vessels must comply with The Inland Waters Small Passenger Code


You can apply and pay on line via the EUGO portal:


Licences are valid for one year and run from 1st April until 31st March

Current fee

Pleasure boats multi-seated £167.00 (£67 with application, then £100 when granted)
Pleasure boats other £33.00 (£13 with application, then £20 when granted)
Boatmen £33.00 (£13 with application, then £20 when granted)

Further Information and to report any concerns

Phone: 01732 876368