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Personal licence

A Personal Licence authorises the holder to supply alcohol or authorises the supply of alcohol in accordance with a premises licence. A Personal Licence is a requirement for any person wishing to become the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) of a premises licensed to sell alcohol.

Renewing your personal licence

The Deregulation Act 2015 came into effect on the 1 April 2015, and abolished the requirement to renew personal licences. Instead personal licences will carry on indefinitely until such time that they are either surrendered or revoked.

Can I still use my existing personal licence, even though it appears to have expired?

Yes. Because the requirement to renew has been abolished, the expiry date no longer applies.

Can I get my licence updated to remove the expiry date?

Yes. All newly issued personal licences will have the expiry date removed, and this will be done automatically the next time you apply to update your licence; for example if you change name or address. However, if you wish to have your licence updated early, you can apply for a newly issued "copy" of your licence. To do so you will need to supply us with:

  • A written request to replace your licence, providing your full name, address.
  • Your existing licence or an explanation as to why it cannot be returned. (If you have lost your personal licence, or it has been stolen, you need to report it to the police, and provide us with the reference number.
  • The £10.50 administration fee. This can be paid by either a cheque or postal order made payable to the Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council (TMBC) or by cash if hand delivering the application.

Do I need to change my photo?

No. There is currently no requirement to update your photo. However you may you have changed in appearance. Therefore we strongly recommend that you get your photo updated at least every 10 years (in line with the requirements of driving licences and passports).

As with any change to a personal licence, this will incur a £10.50 administration fee. You need only pay a single fee if making multiple changes at the same time.

New personal licence application

Any person wishing to apply for a Personal Licence must make application to the Licensing Authority in whose area they reside.

Application requirements

  • Applicants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Must posses and produce an original Bii Level II examination certificate or a similar accredited qualification such as the EDI NCPLH level 2 qualification.
  • Must produce a Basic Criminal Conviction Disclosure, this must not be more than one month old when submitted with the application. This can be obtained visiting the following website (Please note that the different Responsible Organisations charge various fees and these should be checked by the applicant before applying)
  • Supply 2 passport sized photographs with the application. One of these must be endorsed by a person in authority stating "This is a true likeness of (Applicants name)", signed, dated and state position of authority held.

To make an application please complete both of the above forms and send them together with the Criminal Conviction Disclosure, Bii Level II certificate (or similar qualification), photographs and the fee of £37 (cheque or postal Order made payable to Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council or "TMBC").

Associated Legislation

Licensing Act 2003

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