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Persons wishing to undertake charitable house to house collections for money and/or goods must apply to the Council for a House to House Collection Permit. These collections generally take place from door to door or from one Public House to another.

There are two circumstances where the need for a licence issued by the Local Council is not required.

1. Home Office Exemption, (such as Christian Aid, Help the Aged etc). Whilst these charities are not required to apply locally they are required to advise the Council in writing of the existence of their exemption together with the date and location of collection. Having received this information the Council can avoid double booking an area.

2. Local Certificate of Exemption. Where the chief constable for the police area is satisfied that the purpose is local in character and that the collection is likely to be completed within a short period. He may then grant to the promoter of the collection a certificate in the prescribed form. Where a certificate is granted, a licence from the Local Council is not required.



  • An application must be submitted on each occasion that a house to house collection is requested.
  • The promoter of the collection must make a return after the collection has been completed.
  • At least 28 days notice must be given prior to the date on which the collection will be made.

Every collector must be provided with

  • A collector's badge, which must be signed on receipt
  • A certificate of authority, which must specify the name of the collector, the period of the collection and the specific location in which that collection will take place.
  • If the collection is for cash the donations must be placed in a sealed collection box. Envelopes can only be used by Exemption Order holders, other organisations need permission from the relevant police authority to use envelopes.
  • Clear instructions as to the proper conduct of the collection.


EUGO LogoYou can apply online for this licence and submit its associated return via the EUGO Portal.

Online application for a house-to-house collection licence

Online Submission of house-to-house collection return

  • On request an application form will be forwarded to the applicant for completion.
  • On receipt of the application form the council will process the application and consider issuing a permit subject to the requirements being met.
  • On being granted a permit, the applicant will be issued with a certificate for the information of H M Stationery Office to enable them to obtain the prescribed certificates of authority and badges.


The permit will apply for the duration of the collection. In practice most permits are issued for a period of one to two weeks. In the event of multiple applications, approval may be granted to take place within a one year parameter.

Current fee

TMBC does not charge a fee for this permit

Further Information.

The address of H M Stationery Office is St Clements House, 2 - 16 Colgate, Norwich, NR3 1BQ telephone number 08706005522

For further information, reference should be made to the Act and Regulations which is obtainable through any bookseller or from the link above.

Phone: Licensing team Mon - Fri (01732) 876368

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