Health and safety at work - regulation and inspection

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Health and Safety is a major activity for the council's Food and Safety Team. We are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated legislation is complied with in over 1800 commercial premises in the Borough. This enables us to work with local businesses to help make going to work safe.

The types of premises we will inspect include:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Leisure activities
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Consumer services
  • Places of worship.

The Health and Safety Executive enforces health & safety legislation in other premises.

Inspections are carried out in businesses with higher risk activities and significant hazards. We can visit without prior notification, but an appointment may be made so the relevant individual can be met on-site. During an inspection, we will make sure that the business is controlling any hazards that may affect employees and members of the public visiting these premises. We will also look at the level of health and safety training that managers and employees have received to ensure it is suitable.

As well as carrying out inspections, officers also deal with complaints and carry out accident investigations.

We are also available to give you help and advice.

Further Information

Useful information on health and safety can be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive website.

application form and pencilFor further health and safety information or if you would like to make a complaint or report an accident complete our online form. Please only use this form to report workplace health and safety matters.

Contact the Food and Safety Team.