Borough Economic Regeneration Strategy

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Economic Recovery Strategy - Consultation

In light of the considerable impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the economy, the Borough Council has decided to reposition its economic strategy so that it is fit for purpose and prioritises activities that will support the local economy over the next couple of years. To this end, we are undertaking a four-week consultation on our draft Economic Recovery Strategy from 10 September to 08 October 2020.

This draft strategy sets out a clear vision - "Maximising the unique strengths of the local area to help create a resilient, dynamic and inclusive economy that fosters sustainable growth" - and is underpinned by five 'channels' of activity so that it aligns with the County Council's Economic Renewal and Resilience Plan. These activities are:

  • Communications, Confidence and Trust - providing better inteliigence to inform our actions and ensuring collaboration and partnership to drive our activity
  • Open for Business - taking action to build confidence and demonstrate that the local area is open and accessible
  • Supporting Business - supporting resilient and innovative businesses to drive future growth
  • People - enabling people to access work and skills and reach their potential
  • Investment - planning and investing now for a sustainable future.

Within these five 'channels' of activity are three cross cutting themes that run through the strategy:

  • Cleaner and Greener - contributing towards net zero and encouraging sustainable growth
  • Productive and Open - supporting productivity growth and being open to new ideas
  • Better Opportunities, Fairer Chances - addressing the uneven impacts of recession through an inclusive approach

The draft strategy document is also supported by a draft action plan.

If you have any comments about the document, then please send them to the Economic Regeneration Team via email - - before 5pm on 08 October 2020.