Major repairs

Last Updated:

From 1 April 2013, when a property is vacant (i.e. unoccupied and unfurnished) and

  • Needs major repair works to make it habitable or
  • Is undergoing major repair works to make it habitable
  • Needs structural alterations

Then you may claim a 100% discount for up to twelve months. The discount can only be applied if the property is vacant and there can only be one twelve-month period of discount.

In order to grant the discount we will need to visit the property, by appointment, to assess the situation, preferably before the work has started.

There are many reasons why a property might need major repair work. It could be a result of decay with age, neglect, fire, flooding or subsidence. We may ask you for proof of the work required to make it habitable e.g. a building surveyors report or a builder's formal estimate.

When a property is, or will be undergoing structural alterations we will need to know what alterations are planned, preferably before work has started. If we cannot see the site before work begins, we may ask to see a building surveyors report, photos or video footage of the property before alteration to confirm the situation.

If you believe your property might be entitled to a discount, please email us. Alternatively, you can contact the Council Tax team on 01732 876388.