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A person who is a full time student, may be disregarded for council tax purposes. This means they would not be included when we count the number of occupants at the address. A full time student cannot be held liable for the council tax at an address unless they are the only person liable for that address.

A student is a person who is:

1) undertaking a full time course of education.

In order to be able to disregard a full time student we will need to see proof of the details of the course they are enrolled on. This will usually be in the form of a "student exemption certificate" which the student can usually obtain from the educational body running the course.

Unfortunately, a written offer of a place from the college or university, a notice of a grant award or a student union membership card is not sufficient proof.


2) under the age of 20 and undertaking a course of further education.

When a person is under 20 years of age and continues their education, child benefit will usually continue up to their 19th birthday. Once they have turned 19 years of age they may continue to be disregarded


3) a foreign language assistant

If you think a member of your household should be disregarded then please email us. Alternatively, you can contact the council tax team for details on 01732 876388.