Discounts for second homes

Last Updated:

From 1 April 2013 a property that is classed as a second home will be liable to a full charge, however you should still notify us if your property is a second home.

From 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2013 a property that was nobody's main residence attracted a 10% discount. The Council decided to reduce the rate of discount in order to meet the objectives of its empty homes strategy. Some types of empty property are exempt from Council Tax.

There are some circumstances where, if you have a second home, a 50% discount for a second home may apply. These are:

  • If another property has been provided by your employer (or your partner's employer) as part of your (or your partner's) contract of employment and you are (or your partner is) required to live in the property as part of your employment. An example would be a publican who has to live at the public house, or
  • If you or your partner could not do your job properly if you did not live in the property. This could cover a warden of a sheltered housing scheme, or
  • You (or your partner) could do your job without living in the property but, by living there, you are better able to do your job. The job must be one where it is normal for an employer to provide accommodation. This could cover a caretaker in an apartment block, or
  • If you live in your second home because there is a special threat to your (or your partner's) security because of the nature of your work.

In all the above cases:

  • You must be liable to pay the Council Tax for both your main home and your second home - your name must be on the bill (special rules apply to servicemen and women who live in MoD property), and
  • Both of the properties must be furnished.

If you feel that you may be entitled to a discount, please email us. Alternatively, you can contact the contact the council tax team on 01732 876388.