Council tax charges 2012/2013

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The Borough Council collects council tax not only for its own purposes but also on behalf of Kent County Council, Kent Police Authority, Kent & Medway Fire & Rescue Authority, and parish councils. The overall requirement for council tax is as follows:



£'000£% £'000£%
8,425171.9111.7Borough Council8,713176.9012.0
51,3511,047.7871.5Kent County Council51,6101,047.7871.2
6,797138.689.5Kent Police Authority6,831138.689.5
3,33067.954.6Kent & Medway Fire & Rescue Authority3,34767.954.6
1,94839.752.7Parish Council (average)1,94339.442.7


In 2012/2013, the Borough Council's requirement for a band D property at £176.90 is equivalent to just under 48p per day. For Kent County Council at £1047.78, it is just over £2.86 per day. For Kent Police Authority at £138.68, it is just under 38p per day. For Kent & Medway Fire & Rescue Authority at £67.95, it is just over 18p per day.

Council Tax charges for 2012/2013 for each band, including the amount for each parish council (where appropriate).

Information about the Council's finances.