Suspected benefit fraud

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What happens if I report a fraud?

Any information that you give us will be treated in full confidence and you do not have to give us your name or contact details if you don't want to. All reports that we receive will be looked at to see if there is sufficient evidence to carry out a formal investigation. If we investigate a case we must gather enough evidence to be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt in a Court that an offence has been committed. Your information may be the starting point for us and we have additional avenues of investigation that we can pursue. Due to Data Protection we can only record the information that you give us and cannot give any details of any person's circumstances to you. However, anonymous information given to us has resulted in a number of people being prosecuted.

Useful information to report

Listed below are some of the most common allegations and the types of questions we will be asking to determine of an informant. However, you should only tell us what you know and not seek any further information.

All of the information given will be used to determine whether there are sufficient grounds to conduct an investigation. However, due to legislation we are unable to discuss the circumstances of individuals or the outcomes of any investigations that we carry out.


Where are they working? How long have they worked there? What type of work do they do? What time do they start and finish work? How do they travel to work? How are they paid? Does their employer know they are on benefit? Do they work or leave the house in a regular pattern, times etc.

Living together / Fictitious desertion

Who is the alleged partner? (as many details as possible) How long have they lived together? How many nights does the alleged partner stay over? Does the alleged partner have another address? Is the partner working? Do either of them own a vehicle? Are they open about their relationship, and if so how? Are they engaged? Does the alleged partner own anything that is kept at the house, if so, what? Have they been on holiday together? Do they have children together? Does the alleged partner do any of the household chores such as gardening or maintenance work? Do they have any shared credit agreements?

Non-dependants, lodgers or other people living in the household

Who is the other person, as many details as possible? How long have they lived there? Are they working? Do they own a vehicle? Do they pay rent or a contribution towards their upkeep? Are they open about living at the property? Do they have an alternative address?

Other income, Benefits or assets

What is the other income / asset? How long have they been receiving it / owned it? Who pays the income? What bank account is it paid into? Are they open about the additional income? Where is the asset? (Location)


Relationship to the claimant? Height? Build? Hair colour / length / style? Glasses? Facial hair? Tattoos? Scars or other distinguishing mark? Usual clothes such as a favourite coat? Do they wear a uniform, colour, company logos?


Make? Model? Colour? Registration?

Potentially violent people

Is there any reason to suspect that the claimant, alleged partner or any other person involved may become violent or abusive? This information is important and will ensure the safety of investigation and visiting staff.