Minor amendments

Access group 6

Minor amendments are changes to parking restrictions in certain areas to allow for minor adjustments to roads, new dropped kerbs and parking bays.

In line with the streamlined process for this type of change, formal consultation took place in January and February 2022. As there were less than five objections to each location, they were shared with the local county councillors, borough councillors and chair of the Joint Transportation Board to seek their agreement to either set aside the objections or to refer the objections to the board for consideration. There was no consensus by the chair and local members for any of the locations, although councillors for Vauxhall ward did submit their agreement for proposals in their ward.

The objections were then referred to elected borough councillors at the 7 March 2022 Joint Transportation Board meeting.

When the Traffic Regulation Order has been signed and sealed, and any necessary signs and lines have been installed, the new parking restrictions can be enforced. Please note that lining work is weather dependant, and we are unable to provide a date for when these works will take place at any location. Although works are expected to be completed early summer 2022.

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