Phase 13

Details for each stage are available from the committee reports available using the following links. In brief, what has occurred so far is shown below:

September 2021. A list of changes at 30 locations was recommended for consideration in Phase 13 to elected Borough councillors at the 20 September  Joint Transportation Board meeting. They decided that these would be taken forward for investigation and informal consultation.

January 2022. Informal consultation took place on 33 locations (three locations were split into two locations each for consultation). Responses to the informal consultation were reported to elected borough councillors at the 7 March 2022 Joint Transportation Board meeting. They decided that proposals at the following eight locations should not be taken forward:

  • Aylesford, Medway Court
  • Borough Green, Harrison Road
  • Ditton, Woodlands Road (near Nursery Road)
  • Eccles, Bull Lane
  • Larkfield, Stevenson Way and Kipling Drive
  • Leybourne, Roundhay and Oxley Shaw Lane
  • Tonbridge, Welland Road/Beaulieu Road
  • Walderslade Robin Hood Lane and Mercer Court

The proposal for East Malling, Upper Mill to be amended to include extension to the permit area into Middle Mill Road and be taken forward to formal consultation.

The proposal for Tonbridge, Lawrence Road to form part of Phase 14 of the Parking Action Plan.

The remaining 22 locations are to proceed to formal consultation.

Formal consultation on the changes to the Traffic Regulation Order ended on 31 July 2022.

Supporting documentation

Responses to this consultation will then be reported to elected Borough councillors at a Joint Transportation Board meeting for them to decide which locations proceed.

Proposal drawings for each location




Sycamore Drive

Aylesford (Eccles)

Bull Lane and Greenfield Close

Aylesford (Walderslade)

Woodbury Road

Aylesford (Walderslade)

Woodbury Road and Walsham Road

Borough Green

Quarry Hill Road and Dark Hill Road roundabout

East Malling

A20 London Road and Walnut Tree Court

East Malling

Lavender Close, Lavender Road and Carnation Crescent

East Malling

Lavender Road and Lilac Green

East Malling

Mill Street and Middle Mill Road


Lunsford Lane


Lunsford Lane (near Leybourne Lakes)


Maple Close and Oak Drive


The Croft


Ashburnham Road


Chiltern Way and Cheviot Close


Dodd Road and Romney Way


Priory Road


St Marys Road


The Haydens


Woodgate Way


A20 London Road (near Tower Industrial Estate)


Pilgrims Way

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