Landowners can put areas forward for development

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council is calling for people to put forward sites that they think might be suitable for future development to meet identified needs for new homes, employment, and other uses for the review and refresh of our Local Plan.

Its purpose is to identify a range of suitable, available, and deliverable sites that can help meet the development needs of the borough up to 2039. This includes our need for:

  • new homes
  • new jobs
  • other land uses

Landowners, developers and other people with an interest in the use and development of land are invited to submit sites for assessment. All sites will be assessed equally.

The call for sites event is being conducted online and will capture essential information including:

  • ownership
  • potential uses
  • site location and area

The event is open for 8 weeks until 5pm on 7 February 2022. See Call for sites.

Cllr David Lettington, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, said: ‘The ‘call for sites’ is just the beginning of a lengthy process to determine the options for future development in the borough. The fact that sites have been put forward does not mean that they will be allocated for development.

‘Once sites have been identified and assessed, a public consultation will take place on the Local Plan to determine the best route for meeting local needs for housing, sustaining economic growth and improvements to local infrastructure.’

Published: Monday, 13th December 2021