New features make online service My Account a time-saver

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Last Updated: 20 Feb 2019 8:12am

Residents in Tonbridge and Malling are being urged to sign up for the Council’s My Account service which now has a host of brand new time-saving features in addition to the original benefits of the free online portal.

The new features of My Account are based upon the address to which the account is registered and will show a number of important and useful facilities and options in the immediate vicinity of the address and within a searchable radius. These include recycling centres and the items that can be taken there, the Saturday bulky waste collection schedule and collection points, residents’ waste and recycling collection dates, local planning applications, local councillors’ details and details of Council meetings. It also incorporates driving instructions in the details and cleverly cross-links the information associated with the account holder’s registered address. It’s particularly useful for Tonbridge and Malling residents although people living outside the borough can also benefit from signing up - they just won’t benefit from all of the available features.

My Account is a personal, interactive and safe account, with login or sign up via It’s easy to use and each person who signs up will be able to:

  • Check details of local recycling sites, with instructions of how to get there
  • View the Saturday bulky waste collection schedule and collection points
  • Check their waste and recycling collection dates
  • View planning applications near to their home
  • Find details of upcoming Council meetings
  • Access local councillors’ details quickly and easily
  • Request online notification of their annual council tax bill
  • Check their council tax balance online
  • Ask for services through the website with no waiting or queuing on the telephone or at the Council’s offices
  • Benefit from online services request forms, which are pre-populated with their personal details
  • Receive updates on topics of interest
  • Receive urgent public health and safety messages

Setting up an account takes about two minutes, just fill in the brief registration form.

Cllr Martin Coffin, Deputy Leader of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Cabinet Member for Finance, Innovation and Property, says: “Those residents who have already signed up to My Account may not yet have noticed the new time-saving features that have recently become available. I’m sure they will prove to be very popular with residents and I would encourage people to sign up to My Account if they haven’t already done so.”