Make it a green Christmas by recycling festive waste

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Last Updated: 20 Feb 2019 8:06am

Tonbridge and Malling residents are being asked to reduce their Christmas rubbish this year by going ‘green’ and recycling.

Christmas can generate a lot of extra rubbish, but much of it can be recycled or composted.  The amount of junk mail increases significantly over the festive season, with companies taking the opportunity to promote their products and services. Residents may not realise that they can recycle junk mail using their green box service. As well as newspapers and magazines, the green box can be used to recycle all junk mail as well as plain paper gift-wrap, catalogues, directories and other mail. It should also be used for all food and drinks cans and tins, as well as tin foil, foil food trays and empty aerosols.

Once the festive season is over, residents in Tonbridge and Malling can compost their real Christmas trees by placing them in or next to their green-lidded bin. Residents can also recycle cardboard, plain Christmas cards (no plastic or glitter) and all leftover food such as turkey bones and sprouts in their green-lidded bin.

Real Christmas trees placed in or next to the green-lidded bin should have all decorations removed and large trees should be cut up. As Christmas trees will be shredded at the composting facility, large trees may cause damage to the shredding equipment. Generally, any tree up to six feet in length and with a trunk up to three inches in diameter can be placed out whole for collection. Any tree longer or thicker than this should be cut up into smaller sections.

Residents may also take their Christmas trees to be recycled at one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres at Tovil (Maidstone), North Farm (Tunbridge Wells) and Sundridge (Sevenoaks), which are run by Kent County Council, or at Cuxton, run by Medway Council.  Trees will be shredded and composted.

Glass bottles & jars and plastic bottles, pots, tubs & trays can all be recycled at the recycling banks around the borough.  A list of recycling banks can be found on Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council’s website.  As the recycling sites can get very busy over the festive season, the Council has arranged for extra collections, but residents may wish to keep hold of their glass and plastics until after the New Year rush.

Cllr David Lettington, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Street Scene and Environment Services, says: “Christmas is a time when we tend to create more waste than usual, but most Tonbridge and Malling residents take time out of their busy schedules and merry-making to recycle as much of their rubbish as possible, which is better for the environment. Here’s to another happy and ‘green’ festive season.”

For more information email or telephone 01732 876147.