Account Help

Account Types

The account type you choose will affect the content you see when logged in. Selecting a type that is the closest match to your status will ensure that you will see the information most relevant to you.

If you are a council tax payer or a private landlord who pays council tax for their main residence, you should select "Personal" account. If you are a business rate (NNDR) payer, you should select "Business" account type.


Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password, or want to change it, you can do it on Reset My Password page. You will be sent an email with further instructions to complete the process.

Please note that we can not change your password for you.


Deleting Your Account

If you want to delete your account, you can do so on Delete My Account page. You will also be automatically unsubscribed from all email subscriptions you have signed up to. It can take up to 48 hours for all your account information and subscriptions to be removed.

Deleting your account is non-recoverable and you need to re-register if you wish to subscribe to update notifications for example.

If you want to re-register with the same username, you have to wait up to 24 hours for the name to become available again.

Please note that we can not delete your account for you.


Your Address

If you have registered for "Personal" account, you can enter your home address on My Address page. You need to enter your address if you want to opt in for paperless billing. Other benefits of entering your address include pre-filling your details on our forms saving you time and typing. We will also use your address details to display you location specific information, for example the councillors in your ward, nearest parks and leisure facilities etc.

If you have registered for "Business" account, you can enter your business details on My Business page. For paperless billing we require you to enter your business name and address, but you can also enter additional information such as your customer services number. We also use the information you have entered to pre-fill forms with your details, to display location specific information relevant to your businesses and optionally display some of your contact information to general public.

Please note we can not change your address for you.


Your Email Address

You can change the email address associated with your account on Update My Email page. After changing your email address, you will receive a notification to both your old and new email address.

Please note that we can not change your email for you.


Your Name

If you need to change your last name, you can fill in the form on Update My Last Name page. We will then update your last name and you will receive a notification when we have done so. You are not able to request to change your first name as this is not something that is common. In case you want to change your first name, please send us an email to


Paperless Billing

You can opt in and out of the paperless billing at any time and as many times as you want.

Most Common Issues With Opt In

  1. Your council tax bill may not have your initial printed on it (e.g. "Smith" instead of "S Smith"), if this is the case with your council tax bill, you need to tick the "Is your first name or initial printed on the Council Tax bill?" option in the opt in form. If you are not sure whether your initial is printed on the bill, you can first try without selecting the "Is your first name or initial printed on the Council Tax bill?" option and if you a receiving an error message and don't see a list of bills, select the "Is your first name or initial printed on the Council Tax bill?" option and resubmit the form.
  2. Once you have opted in for the paperless billing, you don't see your bills. It takes a short while to fetch your bills. At the top right hand corner of the page you see a counter counting percentage up. Once the counter reaches 100% and disappears, you are able to see your bills. Please note that your account information is fetched fresh every time you visit the bills page so it will always take short while before the page is ready. We do this to ensure that you get your account details up to the moment you access them.

Council Tax Accounts

Once you have entered your address on My Address page you can opt in for paperless billing on My Council Tax page. If you haven't entered your address, you will not be able to opt in for paperless billing, but you will still be able to see your up to date council tax balance.

Business Rates (NNDR) Accounts

If you are a business, the process to opt in for paperless billing is essentially the same as for council tax accounts. Only difference is that you need to enter both your business name and address on My Business page. Your first and last names are not needed. Once you have entered your business name and address, you can opt in for paperless billing on My Business Rates page.

Additional Properties

If you own and pay council tax or business rates for other properties, you can add and manage them for paperless billing on Our Properties page. Please note that properties you enter here are automatically opted in for paperless billing. If you want to opt out any or all of your additional properties from paperless billing, you need to delete them from the list on Our Properties page. There is no limit on how many additional properties you can add.

Once you have added the addresses and account numbers for your additional properties, you are able to access the account information for each property and download the bills on Our Bills page.


Mailing Preferences

On My Mailing Preferences you can opt in and out of various topics. Every time a page is updated, or in case of job and news, when a new job or a news article is published, we send you a notification to your registered email address.

On this page you can manage the topics you want to receive the notifications for. You can opt in to as many topics as you want.

Please note that in case of emergencies we will send a notification to all registered account holders irrespective of their preferences. However, we will only do that in extreme cases.



On My Licences you are able to access information about your licences, for example your application status and update your details.

Account News

From time to time you may see news telling you about new features or changes to existing features on your account home page.



When you are logged into your account home page, you may see a poll inviting you to vote.

We use these polls to ask various questions, for example about existing features in your account. Poll results will help us to decide or not whether to withdraw a feature because it is not wanted by majority of the users.

You can vote only once and your vote remains anonymous to other users.

After you have cast your vote, or if you are viewing results for past polls, you will see a graphical bar that shows the proportion of all votes that a particular option has received. Underneath the graphic, you can see the percentage of total votes so far received. The number next to the percentage is the actual number of votes given for option.