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There may be some disruption to the local road network if there's a no-deal EU exit.

Motorways and major roads are the responsibility of Highways England.

Other roads, that have been adopted, are the responsibility of the highway authority, which in this area is Kent County Council.

Check the roads before you travel

Check your route before you travel to see how your journey may be affected, and make sure you're prepared in case your journey takes longer than you expect.

Check the latest travel information from:

Operation Brock: Kent traffic management system after 31 October 2019

In a no deal Brexit scenario, Operation Brock will play a vital role in minimising the impact of any disruption on routes to the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel.

Operation Brock uses holding areas for HGV (heavy goods vehicle) traffic, bound for the EU, to keep the M20 open in both directions if there's disruption to services across the English Channel. These holding areas are in Kent at:

  • A20 Dover TAP (Traffic Access Protocol)
  • Brock contraflow between M20 J8-9
  • Manston Airfield
  • M26

Find out more about Operation Brock on Highways England.

Download Operation Brock leaflet for hauliers and commercial drivers.

Not all the holding areas would be used immediately, they will be deployed in sequence depending on the level of disruption.

Motorists will begin to see changes in roads infrastructure from 26 October when Highways England will close the M20 between junctions 7-9 overnight on the London-bound carriageway. This closure is to carry out necessary construction work to have Brock active from Monday 28 October.

Port of Dover and Eurotunnel

If you're travelling to Port of Dover or Eurotunnel:

If you fail to comply with instructions, you may face fines and further delays.

Documentation to operate in the EU

Hauliers and commercial drivers must make sure they have the correct documentation to operate in the EU.

If you have incorrect documentation, you may be prevented from proceeding to the border. If this happens you will have the option of going to a specific holding site where you will get advice on what you need to be ready to cross the border.