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Tonbridge cemetery office is situated at Tonbridge Castle Council offices.

Given current national guidance in relation to Covid-19, we have made the following changes to services provided at Tonbridge Cemetery until further notice.

  • Face to face meetings for grave/vault selections can now resume- These meetings will be by Appointment only.  Family members from the same household may attend selection meetings.  One member of TMBC staff will attend.  Any attendees must adhere to Social distancing at all times. Please contact Tonbridge Cemetery Office on 01732 876357 to book a meeting.
  • Interments of Ashes can now commence subject to the restrictions applied to graveside services. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.
  • Ashes Scatterings can be undertaken but the ashes must be scattered by TMBC staff this prevents multiple people handling the scatterer.  Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.
  • Graveside services will continue
  • Members of household, close family or close friends (excluding Bearers and celebrants) are welcome to attend but numbers must be kept as low as possible.  All attendees must follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Tonbridge Cemetery Chapel is now available for use.  Number of attendees is limited and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Social distancing seating plan will apply Fd’s will need to complete a safe seating plan in advance of the funeral (template provided).  Attendees will need to wear face coverings and sanitise hands upon entry (sanitiser provided).  To limit the time spent in a confined space, entry and exit music can be played but singing is not permitted.   Anybody showing symptoms, even mild, must not attend.
  • Facilitation for attendance of asymptomatic self-isolators and exceptionally vulnerable people - Updated National guidance states that local authorities can make necessary arrangements to allow the safe attendance of mourners in these two groups of people.  It is therefore vitally important that the Council is made aware if any attendees fall into these two categories to allow us to ensure that appropriate measures can be taken to maintain the safety of everybody who attends. These may include exceptionally vulnerable people standing further away from other mourners or attending at a slightly different time.  Anybody showing symptoms, even mild, must not attend.
  • All paperwork to continue to be digital where possible. This includes burial certificates and application for the exclusive right of burial.  The Council are unable to issues Deeds of Grant in digital format- these will continue to be printed and sent to grave owners.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow members of the family to act as pallbearers at this time.

Updated 14/07/2020

If you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact the Cemetery Office on 01732 876357.

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If you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact the Cemetery Office on 01732 876357.

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