When will my garden waste be collected?

One-off collections have started and will continue over the coming weeks, alternating with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. 

Fewer crews and the big backlog of garden waste means each daily collection is taking around a week to complete.

You will receive an email around two days before we're due to start in your area.

Use the table below to find out when we expect to collect your bin. 

Your normal collection day  One-off collection for your area starts from
Monday Completed
Tuesday Completed
Wednesday Completed
Thursday Thursday 2 December
Friday tbc

It is unlikely that your collection will take place on your normal day. Once you have received your expected collection date, please leave your bin outside until it has been collected. If we don’t have your email address, you can let us know at waste.services@tmbc.gov.uk. Make sure you include your postal address.

You can also find this information on Facebook and Twitter.

How can I make sure I don't miss the collection?

Watch out for the email from us advising you of your date. Put your bins out by 7am on that day and leave them out until they have been emptied. Rounds may take several days to complete.
If you have neighbours who are not online, you can help by telling them about the collection when your timing is confirmed.

Can I put out extra bags of garden waste?

Crews will not take additional bags of waste. This will ensure everyone gets their bin emptied as soon as possible. We recommend composting excess garden waste or taking it to your nearest KCC recycling centre.

When will a full service resume?

We recognise that the current service is not what subscribers expect. However, the driver shortage remains a major challenge for our contractor and is affecting a range of industries across the UK. We cannot say currently when a full service will resume but it seems likely that the shortage will continue for some months.

Is this the first step to reinstating regular collections?

We would normally have six crews focused on garden waste but are doing this one-off collection using just two. The availability of HGV drivers is highly variable but once we have completed this collection we will review the situation and notify you if further collections are possible. 

What are you doing to recruit more drivers?

The market for HGV drivers is currently highly competitive. Despite offering pay increases and recruiting more than 20 new staff our contractor is struggling to retain the crews it needs to deliver a full service. Nevertheless, we continue to work with them to find ways to both recruit and retain staff.
Read more about what we are doing to address the driver shortage.

Contact the waste services team

Telephone: 01732 876147