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Roads, highways and pavements

  • lighting in town

    Lighting - street lights

    Report a street lighting problem.

  • Road closure and diversion

    Roads - closures and diversions

    Road closures and diversions are needed for a variety of reasons, such as planned or emergency roadworks and events on the highway

  • Roads - gritting

    Treatment and clearance of most roads and pavements is the responsibility of Kent County Council. As they are the highway authority, they should be your first point of contact .

  • van parked on pavement

    Pavement and verge parking

    The current legal position is that the Police have powers to deal with instances of obstruction and the offence of driving on and off a footway.

  • unloading a truck

    Loading and unloading

    A vehicle is allowed to wait when delivering and collecting, loading and unloading goods or equipment on double yellow lines if safe to do so. However there are conditions.

Last Updated: 19th January 2015