Bus stops and bus shelters

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A bus stop is a designated place where buses stop for passengers to board or leave a bus.

A bus shelter is a covered structure at a bus stop providing protection against the weather for people waiting for a bus.

Bus stop posts, signs and electronic arrival time display units

These are all the responsibility of Kent County Council.

Bus shelters

Bus shelters in our area are owned and maintained by one of 4 organisations.

1. Most bus shelters are owned by a company called Clear Channel. We have entered into an agreement with Clear Channel whereby, in return for sole advertising rights, shelters are provided and maintained at no cost to us.

2. We own shelters in Blue Bell Hill, Larkfield, Hadlow and West Malling.

3. Parish councils own some shelters in their parish.

4. Bus shelters can be privately owned. Liberty Property Trust own and maintain some bus shelters in Kings Hill. Tesco own and maintain a bus shelter in Larkfield. This shelter is in Chaucer Way above Tesco opposite the footpath with Sassoon Close, between the surgery and Macaulay Close.

List of shelters owned by ClearChannel or us

Report a problem with a bus shelter