Pre application advice

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We can advise you on matters that you will need to consider before you make any application for permission to us. For alterations to your home we would advise that you start by looking at the Interactive House on the Planning Portal; the Portal also gives general advice on planning matters. You can also find out if your site is affected by any Heritage Assets or protected trees , which may affect what you want to do, such as:

  • Conservation Area
  • Listed Building
  • Ancient Monument
  • protected trees, either by Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area.

Make an enquiry

If your enquiry is one where we provide advice free of charge, please email Please remember to give the address of the site you are asking about, preferably in the heading of the email.

Alternatively, if your enquiry is one where we charge for advice, you will need to provide us with specific details, including the appropriate fee, when you contact us.

Please note:

The Council's advice is based on the planning policies and circumstances that apply at the time that the advice is given. We cannot guarantee that the advice will be relevant if there have been significant changes in either planning policy or the site and/or its surroundings by the time a formal application is made.

Receipt of pre-application advice cannot guarantee the outcome of any subsequent planning application. It is only through the submission of a formal application that full consultation can be carried out, and the decision may need to be made at Committee. Therefore all advice is given on a 'without prejudice' basis.

Where pre-application advice is not followed, subsequent applications are likely to be determined without further negotiations.