Seat Sponsorship

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Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council (TMBC) welcome the installation of sponsored seats and many are already located at various Country Parks and areas of public open space around the borough. The following information has been produced to assist you in your decision to have a seat installed.

Price Guide

Please be aware that this is a guide only and prices may vary

Tonbridge Farm Sportsground - £850 - 950
Tonbridge Racecourse Sportsground - £850 - 950
Swanmead Sportsground - £850 - 950
Frogbridge Sportsground - £850 - 950
Haysden Country Park - £900 - 1000
Leybourne Lakes Country Park - £900 - 1000
Poult Wood Golf Centre - £1000
Other TMBC Public Open Spaces - £850 - 950

Other sites may be available upon request.

Seat types and locations

MonmouthMonmouth' seat available at Tonbridge Farm, Swanmead, Frogbridge and Racecourse Sportsgrounds. Also available at other TMBC public open spaces.

grosvenorThe 'Grosvenor' found at Poult Wood Golf Centre. The 'Kensington' which is similar to the 'Grosvenor' pictured can be ordered for Leybourne Lakes Country Park.

plaqueExample plaque. May vary slightly on different seats

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Where can I locate the seat?

These guidelines refer to seats sited at parks, recreation grounds and public open spaces owned and maintained by TMBC's Leisure Services, a list of which can be found on the reverse of this sheet. The Council can't install seats at other sites, so you will need to seek the agreement of the landowner- this may be your local Parish Council.

To identify and agree a precise location at one of the Council's sites, please contact Lesiure Services to agree the precise location.

Q2. Can I choose the seat style?

As seats already exist in the parks, we do try to achieve continuity when installing new ones. This means that we do have standard seat styles for some of our sites. These styles vary between sites, as more rustic seats are used in countryside sites, so we may insist on a particular style/range. An idea of the style of seats can be gained by visiting the site to see what currently exists. Some examples are shown on the reverse.

Q3. How much will the seat cost?

The price of a seat will include the purchase and installation costs and may vary due to the style of the seat (please see Q2). We do not add on any costs for officer time or administration. The actual cost may vary depending on the manufacturer's quoted price at the time of delivery. These prices do include the purchase and production of the plaque (please see Q5).

Q4. Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the seat?

The Council will be responsible for maintenance of the seat after it has been installed, and the seat will receive the same level of attention as other seats within the site.

Unfortunately, though, the Council cannot take responsibility for the plaque itself and if this were to be damaged we would not have the funds for a replacement.

Also, if the bench was seriously damaged or had deteriorated through age we cannot guarantee that the bench will be replaced. We would, however, endeavour to make suitable arrangements for relocation of the plaque in consultation with you.

Q5. Who provides the plaque and what size can it be?

The Council will provide the plaque and arrange for it to be engraved and fitted. Due to the available space on the seat, the size of the plaque will be limited and this will influence the number of words that can be used. We do ask that confirmation of the words to be used is sent through to us either by letter or e-mail.

Q6. How long will it take for the seat to be installed?

Unfortunately, an exact time cannot be specified and this will vary for each individual installation. Timescale will be dictated by the availability of external manufacturers/ contractors and production times, which can not be controlled by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council.

How to Sponsor a Seat