Help with Affordable Housing

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There are a number of things the Council can do to assist you with affordable housing including:

  • low cost home ownership opportunities
  • applying for affordable rented housing provided through a housing association by joining the Council's Housing Register
  • help with renting in the private sector
  • help with adaptations to your home

Contact us for further assistance.

Home Buy

The HomeBuy (also known as 'shared ownership') scheme can help you if you cannot afford to buy a home at an affordable price.

In the scheme you buy a share of the property (e.g. 25%) and you pay rent on the unsold part which remains in the ownership of a housing association.

Most people who apply for HomeBuy are first time buyers, but the programme may also be able to help you if you need to buy a property following a relationship breakdown.

How can I be considered for HomeBuy?

To apply for HomeBuy you need to apply on line or complete an application form available at

You can also find comprehensive information about the HomeBuy service. Alternatively, you can call Moat on 0845 359 6161 to find out more.