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The Housing Register is a list of people who want social (council) housing. As the Council does not own any housing we rely on Housing Associations to provide affordable homes. However, we manage the housing register.

The Housing Register is only open to those who have a local connection to the borough of Tonbridge and Malling and a qualifying housing need. Due to the high demand for social housing, joining the housing register doesn't guarantee you a property. Those households who are successful may have waited a long time - even years. Many will never be offered social housing at all.

Our Housing Allocation Scheme explains how we assess applicants and how we allocate housing association properties across the borough. The scheme gives priority to local people and families in housing need, with the emphasis on local housing for those with local connections. A summary of the scheme is also available.

How does the register work?

People who join the register are placed into one of four bands based on a number of factors including:

  • Local connection to Tonbridge & Malling
  • Overcrowding
  • Lacking or sharing facilities
  • Condition of current housing
  • Medical, disability or welfare need
  • Homelessness

Who can join the Housing Register?

You must be aged 16 or over to apply to join the Housing Register and you must not be:

  • A person whose immigration status does not allow them to apply to services which depend on public funds.
  • A person who has previously been guilty of unacceptable behavior. This could include anti-social behavior or neighborhood nuisance.
  • Subject to immigration control, unless you are in a group specified by the Secretary of State as eligible for housing assistance.
  • An Asylum seeker who is waiting for a decision.

How can I join the register?

Download and complete the housing assessment form below and post to our Kings Hill offices. You will need to ensure you provide all the documentation and identity requirements for you and your family.

What next?

Once your application is processed we will advise you:

  • if you have or have not been accepted onto the register
  • Which "band" you have been allocated too and why
  • what we have assessed as your housing need or the size of property you require

Once on the list you can "bid" for properties via Kent Homechoice.

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