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  • Air Quality

    Pollution control - air quality

    The Council has a duty to assess the air quality within the Borough. We aim, by working with various partners to improve the air quality for all.

  • Contaminated land

    Pollution control - contaminated land

    Land becomes contaminated when materials have found their way into the ground - often when industries have disposed of, leaked or spilt substances

  • Inspection and Regulation

    Pollution control - inspection and regulation

    If you are an operators of industrial processes or commercial activities that have the potential to cause significant pollution to air, land or water you are required to apply for a Permit.

  • Light pollution

    Pollution control - light pollution

    Badly positioned and/or adjusted lights, particularly security lights, can irritate and disturb neighbours.

  • noise

    Pollution control - noise

    We can investigate noise nuisance and take action If the problem may be classed as a 'statutory nuisance' .

  • Pollution control - nuisances

    The Environmental Health Service investigates statutory nuisance. This is defined in legislation under section 79(1) of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990.

  • Water

    Pollution control - water

    Useful information on water pollution issues, including blue-green algae

Last Updated: 15th September 2014