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Pre application advice

We can provide you with advice and information on a variety of matters that you will need to consider before you make any application for permission to us.  You can also find out if your site is affected by any Heritage Assets or protected trees such as:

  • Conservation Area
  • Listed Building
  • Ancient Monument
  • protected trees, either by Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area.

How to make an enquiry

If your enquiry is one where we provide advice free of charge, please call 01732 876230 or write to us, or email planning.applications@tmbc.gov.uk.  Please remember to give the address of the site you are asking about (preferably in the heading of any email).

Alternatively, if your enquiry falls into one of the categories where we charge for advice, please check what details we will need before contacting us.

Other general advice on planning matters, including your rights to extend your property without the need for planning permission from the Council, can be obtained without charge from the Planning Portal

Last Updated: 15th September 2014