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Advice and Guidance

When you want to make an application, you should read our planning application guidance.  You will also need to take into account our planning policy and Local Development Framework

map and magnifying glass It may also be useful to find out if your site is affected by any Heritage Assets or protected trees such as:

  • Conservation Area
  • Listed Building
  • Ancient Monument
  • protected trees, either by Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area.

If you wish to build a new or make changes to an existing building, you will also need to contact Building Regulations.

Detailed guidance about the kinds of work for which you need to apply for planning permission, and those for which you do not, is available online from the Planning Portal.  We have also provided some additional information (see below) which you may find of use.

Tonbridge & Malling information

External information

  • Do you need permission? - General advice from the Planning Portal on many aspects of altering your home  
  • The Party Wall Act - A booklet explaining the provisions of this Act, which, in essence, requires that adjoining owners be notified when works are undertaken on or near property boundaries.
Last Updated: 15th September 2014