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Environmental health

  • House and a mouse trap

    Pest control

    The council, uses a contractor, Monitor Hygiene Services, to provide a free service for the treatment of rats, mice, bedbugs and cocroaches in people's homes. This free service is only for those who recieve means tested benefits.

  • Dog warden

    Dog warden service

    Our Dog Warden is responsible for promoting responsible dog ownership

  • virus

    Food poisoning

    Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating contaminated food. Most people will get better without the need for treatment.

  • Food inspection

    Food safety - inspections

    Food safety inspections are carried out routinely dependant on the type of business and recent history. For example most catering premises that are fully compliant with relevant legislation will be inspected every eighteen months.

  • Food safety regulations

    Food safety - regulations

    The Borough Council is responsible for ensuring that satisfactory standards of food safety and hygiene are maintained in all the food businesses in the Borough. This work is undertaken by the Food and Safety Team.

  • tomato

    Food production-hygiene

    Find out about food hygiene, food safety and how to avoid food poisoning.

  • Public health - cooling tower notification

    All premises where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must register with the local authority under the Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992.

  • ripples from splashing water

    Water supply testing

    Private Water Supplies include any supply of water used for human consumption that is not provided by a statutory water undertaker.

Last Updated: 15th September 2014