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Current elections

Elections 2015

On 7 May 2015 we will be hosting elections to all Borough and Parish/Town council seats within Tonbridge and Malling, alongside the UK Parliamentary General election.

Phoning from a mobile?

If you are experiencing problems calling the Elections Office from a mobile phone, please try calling from a landline. Alternatively, you may call the Elections Office direct on 01732 876203 (from a mobile network or from a landline) or email voting@tmbc.gov.uk. For all other Council services, please email customer.services@tmbc.gov.uk. Note that the Elections Office cannot redirect calls to other services at the current time.

Voting by post?

If you have registered to vote by post in these elections, you will receive two postal vote packs. One is for the Parliamentary election, the other for local elections. You should complete and return both separately to vote in both elections. If you live in the Chatham & Aylesford constituency (which includes Ditton, Aylesford, Larkfield and Snodland) then you will receive your Parliamentary postal vote from Medway Council, and your local postal pack from us. All postal packs for the Tonbridge & Malling parliamentary constituency, and all postal packs for our local elections, were sent by 22 April 2015.

When completing your postal vote, you may find the following useful:

  • You can fold your ballot paper to fit it into the envelope.
  • Do not peel off the covering from the tape on Envelope A before putting your ballot paper inside.
  • Please do not add any tape to seal Envelope A.
  • To complete and return the pack:
    • Make sure you sign in the box provided.
    • Add your date of birth in the boxes.
    • Mark your ballot papers with your preferences. The ballot paper tells you how many votes you may cast on it.
    • Place the ballot papers into Envelope A, and seal it.
    • Place the postal voting statement and Envelope A into the return envelope and seal it.
    • Post the return envelope back to us. We must receive it by 10pm on Thursday 7 May 2015 for your vote to count.
    • If you are unsure, or have any difficulty with the envelopes, make sure you fill in your signature and date of birth, mark the ballot papers with your votes, and put everything into the return envelope - we will sort it out when we receive it here.

Official notices 

Elections taking place 

The following elections are taking place on 7 May 2015: 

  • UK Parliamentary General Election. The Borough of Tonbridge and Malling is served by two Constituencies. Tonbridge & Malling, for which we manage the election, and Chatham & Aylesford, which Medway Council run the election for.
  • Borough Council elections. All 54 Borough Council seats will be up for election, representing the new wards that take effect at this election. Our map shows the new ward boundaries.
  • Parish and Town Council elections. All seats on all Parish and Town councils will be up for election. Some of the boundaries are changing at these elections. Our map shows the new ward boundaries.

Candidates and nominations

Nominations for all elections closed at 4pm on Thursday 9 April 2015. The list of validly nominated candidates in each area is available in the 'Statement of Persons Nominated' listed above.

How to vote

To be able to vote, you must first be registered. You can register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. Registering is quick, free and simple. You will need your National Insurance number to hand when you register. Please note that you must be registered before 20 April 2015 to be able to vote in these elections.

Once you are registered, you can choose how to cast your vote. Note that if you wish to vote by post, we must receive your completed application form before 5pm on 21 April 2015. If you wish to vote by proxy, we must receive your completed application form before 5pm on 28 April 2015.


Election results will be published during the counts as they are declared. You may wish to follow us on Twitter to see election results as soon as they become available.

Results of uncontested parish elections are now available.

Further information

If you need any more information, please contact us.

Last Updated: 23rd April 2015