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Councillors, democracy and elections

  • Transparency

    Transparency - Senior salaries

    As part of the Government’s requirement for local transparency, Local Authorities are required to publish salary data on their senior management staff.

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    Parish and town councils

    The Tonbridge and Malling Borough area contains thirty four Parish Council wards and two Town Council wards.

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    Democratic Information

    Find your electoral boundaries within Tonbridge and Malling, including parish, ward, county and parliamentary boundaries.  Find your polling station, polling district and further details about them.

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    Councillors - Allowances and expenses

    The Council pays its councillors a range of allowances which are intended to recognise the time Councillors devote to their role as a Councillor.

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    Elections - results

    The council publishes election results for all local, general and European elections.

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    Councillors and MPs - information & advice

    Registered electors in Tonbridge & Malling are able to vote at elections to decide who represents them. There are several different levels of government, each with different representatives.

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    Council - minutes, agendas and reports

    Find committee documents and decision notices for past as well as present committee meetings on our Agendas, Meetings and Minutes system

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    Council - publications

    The Council is required to publish a number of statutory documents.

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    Council constitution

    Our Constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures followed to ensure that decision making is efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

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    Councillors - committee membership

    The Council has 53 elected council members, representing 26 wards. Elections of the whole council are held every four years.

  • Declaration of Interest

    Councillors - declaration of interest

    All councillors have to sign a declaration to abide by and uphold the council’s code of conduct for members. The code of conduct requires each member to declare certain interests.

  • Tonbridge and Malling coat of arms

    Mayor - general information

    A brief overview of the Mayor of Tonbridge and Malling's background, interest and support for local charities.

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    Many of the issues which effect local quality of life cannot be solved by one organisation alone. Increasingly, public sector organisations are working together to deal with issues which cut across the responsibilities of several bodies.

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    Referenda - information and advice

    A Referendum is similar to an election in that electors have a right to vote for their preferred choice.

Last Updated: 12th January 2015