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Elections - voting

In order to vote in an election, you must be Registered. Once you are registered, you have three options for how you will vote - in person, by post, or by proxy.


If you wish to change how you will vote, please note that there are deadlines. These are advertised on the elections page, but are usually around two weeks before polling day. We are not able to extend any deadlines, so please make sure any application forms are completed and sent to us as early as possible.

Voting in person

Unless you request a postal or proxy vote, you will need to visit a polling station and vote in person. Before most elections in which you can vote, you will receive a poll card telling you where your polling station is and when you can vote. If you currently have a postal or proxy vote and would prefer to vote in person instead, you must cancel your postal or proxy vote.

Last Updated: 05th February 2014