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Riding establishment licence

These licences are required under the Riding Establishments Act 1964. A person keeping a riding establishment requires a licence that is issued by their local Council.

A Riding Establishment is defined as being the business of keeping horses for either or both of the following purposes, that is letting out on hire for riding or for the purpose of being used in providing instruction in riding, in return for payment. Veterinary surgeons, police forces and zoos do not require these licences.

Riding Establishments currently licensed by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

Associated Legislation


  • The applicant must be suitably qualified (i.e. holder of an approved certificate, experienced in managing horses, etc), over the age of 18 years and not disqualified from keeping a riding establishment or animals.
  • The horses must be maintained in good health and condition, be physically fit and suitable for purpose. The feet of all animals must be properly maintained and if shod their shoes must be properly fitted and in good condition.
  • Adequate pasture, feed, shelter, water, exercise, rest and grooming must be provided.
  • Adequate storage for saddles, hats, bedding and stable equipment.
  • The applicant is required to hold a current insurance policy to cover public liability.
  • Adequate provisions are made to prevent and control the spread of infectious or contagious diseases among the horses.
  • Adequate plans for the protection and extrication of horses in case of fire. Name, address and contact number must be displayed in a prominent position on the outside of the premises with instructions as to actions in the event of a fire.


EUGO LogoApply and pay online for this licence through the EUGO Portal.

  • On receipt of the completed application form and fee the council will arrange for an authorised Veterinary Inspector to attend and carry out an inspection of the animals and premises.
  • Dependant on the findings of the inspection a licence may or may not be issued.

Apply and pay online to make a change to an exisiting riding establishment licence


Licences are valid for one year. A provisional licence may be granted for three months under certain circumstances.


£350 (Cheques made payable to Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council) + Authorised Inspectors Fees

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